Factors Considered For Selection Of Foundation Type : Selection of Foundation Type

In this blog you will find that which foundation you should use and why. Here you will find which factors are determined to choose or select the foundation for the infrastructures.

 Factors Considered for Selection of Foundation Type

Economic feasibility is one of the most important factors for selection of foundation system. We have discussed the economic suitability of different foundation in our previous blog. Types of Foundation – Pick the best one for a project. There are many other important factors that one should consider before choosing a foundation system for a particular structure. 

foundation type
Major Factors 

1. Importance of Building : You should know the importance of the building first of all. The Importance means that for what you are choosing the foundation that is for house, commercial building, hotel, etc. You should Know the importance of the building that and its purpose and should use the specific or suitable Foundation for that specific building. Sometime the foundation for specific building is not selected suitably and that directly affects the economic feasibility. So one must choose the best and suitable foundation for the building considering the importance of the building.

 2. Life of the Structure : The life of the structure totally depends upon the qualitative materials used. But here we must focus on the future of the building that whether we want that building for Temporary or for permanent. Generally it means that we want the building or structure for long term or short term, and considering this we should choose the foundation type and use the qualitative materials for it.

 3. Loads from Superstructure : Generally Superstructure are those structure which are above the dpcc like Ground floor, first floor, second floor. The loads of the superstructure should be calculated and then considering the loads on the foundation, the foundation should be selected. 

4. Types of Construction materials to be used : The construction materials which are used that are sand, cement, steel, bricks, rod, concrete, etc should be considered and checked for their quality. Because later we may face various serious problems if bad or low quality of construction materials are used.

 5. Water Table Level : Most of Us might not know what is water table level. The level of the water below the land is called Water Table. Actually below the ground there are water . As 70% of water is below the land. So water table level should also be considered while selecting the foundation.

 6. Types of Adjoining Structure : Before choosing the Foundation the type of adjoining should be focused and then the foundation type should be selected.

 7. Soil condition : Here we need to calculate the bearing capacity of the soil and find out the condition of the soil that how much capacity does the soil have or it can bear and accordingly the foundation type should be Selected. You can find the blog to calculate the bearing capacity of the soil here : Calculate Bearing Capacity of Soil

 8. Location of Building: This is the last factor and you can also consider this as the factor as you have to find the good location for the buildings.

 So these are the factors that should be considered before choosing the foundation type of the building.

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