Construction Material Questions

Some Important Question for Construction Material With Answer

1.      Sand has minimum volume when:
a)     Absolutely dry stage
b)     Absolutely wet stage
c)     Both of above
d)     None of above

2.      The main constituents of Portland cement are:
a)     Lime, silica and alumina
b)     Lime, alumina and potash
c)     Alumina, silica and iron oxide
d)     Lime, alumina and iron oxide

3.      The ordinary cement used in general construction is :
a)     Rapid hardening cement
b)     Portland cement
c)     High alumina cement
d)     Pozzolanic cement

4.      What type of paint do you recommend in doors on the exterior wall of a building?
a)     Oil distemper
b)     French polish
c)     Varnish (Interior)
d)     Enamel paint

5.      Type of paint whose main constituent is white or coloured cement and is used to protect plastered surfaes, brickwork, masonary in damp places is called as :
a)     Luminous paint
b)     Cement paint
c)     Bituminous paint
d)     Anticorrosive paint

6.      Finely powered burnt clay is called:
a)     Fly ash
b)     Surkhi
c)     Bricquette
d)     Moraine

7.      The percentage of carbon in cast iron is:
a)     0.7 %
b)     1.2 to 1.7 %
c)     1.2 %
d)     2 to 4.5%

8.      First class timber has an average life of:
a)     Less than one year
b)     1 to 5 years
c)     5 to 10 years
d)     More than 10 years

9.      A brick is a block of …… material
a)     Dusty
b)     Organic
c)     Ceramic
d)     Loamy

10. The paint which has high reflective property is :
a)     Bronze paint
b)     Enamel paint
c)     Asbestos paint
d)     Cellulose paint

11. Plastic bitumen is generally used for
a)     Road pavements
b)     Painting
c)     Expansion joint
d)     Crack filling

12. Distemper is generally used in :
a)     Walls
b)     Wood
c)     Steel
d)     None of the above

13. The timber whose thickness is less than 5 cm and width exceeds 12 cm is called a :
a)     Board
b)     Plank
c)     Batten
d)     Log

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