Difference Between Nominal & Design Mix



Design we are considering the ratio of ingredients like 1:2:4 here no water cement ratio, size of aggregate, strength, durability, work ability are considered
Design apart from ingredients of the factors like, Water cement ratio, size of aggregate, work ability etc kept in consideration while designing
Taking same amount of ingredient for two Nominal Mix design may have different strengths.
In this mix design it give same strength .
Design is  not economical
It is Economical

Nominal Mix
·         The concrete is making or mixing by taking standard manually proportions of cement sand & aggregate i.e. concrete ingredients, it is known as nominal mix concrete.
·         In this type of concrete mix, concrete mix considering all ratios in standard volume where the strength and cost of concrete are varies.
·         In this type of concrete strength is prescriptive
·         This type of concrete mixed is used in grade not higher than (1: 1.5: 3) M20.
·         In this type of concrete there is difficult for quality control.

·         Water cement (WC) ratio is based on experience, durability criteria & practical trials.
·         Water content can be modified by slump test or slump value best on the field
nominal mix
Nominal Mix

Design Mix
·         In design mix concrete, proportions of the ingredients are properly determined with their relative ratio to achieve the concrete of desired strength. In this type of concrete mix the process of selecting suitable ingredients of concrete and determining their relative proportions with the object of producing concrete Not only the desired strength but also according to the properties of fresh concrete like workability or performance of concrete with the certain specifications are taken in detail consideration.
·         In this type of design concrete mix is a mix considering all ratio of mix is by weight where strength of concrete is constant & the cost of concrete can be reduced.
·         In this type of concrete strength is constant
·         It is adopted when the concrete grade need higher than M20.
·         In this type of concrete there is no difficult for quality control.
design mix
Design Mix
·         Water cement ratio based on concrete grade & 28 days compressive strength of concrete & durability of concrete.
·         Water content can be modified taking in to account the laboratory-based test.`

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